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When a Behavioral Health Evaluation Might Be Necessary

Behavioral health evaluations play crucial roles in identifying issues like anxiety and depression, and they can also help you learn better ways to cope — and stay healthy. Here are eight times when you should consider a behavioral evaluation.

Nov 14th, 2021
How to Know if You Have Diabetes

Regular medical screening is the only way to know for sure if you have diabetes, but there are some symptoms you should watch out for, too. This post gives a quick rundown of the most common symptoms to be aware of.

Oct 10th, 2021
Do I Have Asthma or Just a Cough?

Coughing is a common symptom of asthma, but not every cough is asthmatic. Here’s how to tell if you need an asthma evaluation or if your cough might have another cause.

Sep 6th, 2021
The Benefits of a Behavioral Health Evaluation

Behavioral health issues can affect every area of your life, including your physical health. A behavioral health evaluation is the first step toward managing those issues so that you can lead a happier, healthier life. Here’s how an evaluation works.

Aug 10th, 2021
What Pediatric Care Offers Your Child

Kids have very different health and medical needs compared to adults. That means they need a healthcare provider who’s skilled in treating those needs. Here are five ways your child can benefit from pediatric care at Harbor Community Health Centers.

Jul 19th, 2021
Tips for Getting Through a Summer Pregnancy

Summer’s high heat and humidity are never pleasant, but if you’re pregnant, they can be especially uncomfortable. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to keep your cool. Here are eight tips that can help you stay comfortable this summer.

Jun 17th, 2021
3 Ways Warmer Weather Impacts Your Asthma

Summer is a time for fun and relaxation. But if you have asthma, it can also be a time of increasing symptoms. Here are three ways summer could affect your asthma symptoms.

May 18th, 2021
Back to School: How to Help When Your Child is Struggling

Across the country, school-age children and teens are returning to in-person learning, but this effort to get back to normal doesn’t come without concerns. Remote learning has left a lot of students with intense feelings of isolation and loneliness.

Apr 13th, 2021
What Every Woman Should Know About Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer deaths have decreased dramatically since Pap tests became a regular part of well-woman visits. But there’s still a lot to know about cervical cancer, its symptoms, and how to prevent it. Here are six important facts to learn today.

Apr 11th, 2021
What is Seasonal Depression?

Seasonal depression can take a toll on you emotionally and physically. Learn more about this mental health condition and how our team can help you feel better.

Dec 14th, 2020
The Connection Between Mental and Medical Health

Medical ailments have long been treated separately from mental illnesses, but the truth is that physical and mental health are inextricably linked. Find out how holistic care is the key to better physical and mental wellbeing.

Sep 16th, 2020
Allergies or Asthma: Is There a Difference?

What could be causing your or your child’s runny nose, cough, and shortness of breath? Is it allergies, or perhaps asthma? Maybe both? Find out why it matters, and how the experts can help.

Jul 17th, 2020
The Link Between Diabetes and Obesity

If you’re significantly overweight, you hold an especially high risk for certain forms. Keep reading to learn about the link between obesity and diabetes, and how you can better manage your health.

Jun 26th, 2020
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